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What are the causes of, and the treatment for, Itchy Scalp?

Itchy scalps are most commonly due to dryness and a lack of moisture to the scalp. Sometimes, stressful situations can cause irritations in the nerves, causing the scalp and skin to itch as well. If dryness is the problem, the solution is to add more moisture internally and externally. Internally, drink more water and find a way to relieve stress. As for hair treatment (externally), apply conditioners to the scalp. You may also find taking a hair/skin/nail vitamin daily beneficial to your hair and body.

What are the causes of, and the treatment for, Split Ends?

Split ends are common. They occur when the outer layer of the hair shaft is not completely closed and sealed. Imagine a strand of braided rope that that is worn and used. It most often resembles loose ends where pieces are out in many directions. If it is not corrected immediately the loose ends will travel up the entire strand creating more loose ends. Well, split ends do the same thing. You can eliminate split ends by receiving regular trims (recommended that you receive a trim every 6-8 weeks) to maintain blunt smooth ends.

What are the causes of, and the treatment for, Shedding?

As a general rule, everyone will experience normal shedding of 150 strands per day. However, if your strands lost exceed 150, you need to pay special attention to your hair. If you are experiencing long strand shedding, this may be a symptom of chemical damage, medication, hormone imbalance or stress. These internal factors, consult a physician. For home hair treatment, we recommend a multi-vitamin or a Hair/Skin/Nail Vitamin. Also, be sure your hair is balanced with both protein and moisturizing conditioners.



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